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Is ACT prep online worth it? If taking the ACT is on your horizon this upcoming summer or fall, you might be asking this exact question. After all, a good ACT score can heighten your chances of getting into the college of your choice or winning an important scholarship. It makes sense that you would do everything you can to improve that score

Summer break is the perfect time to prepare for standardized tests, especially since there’s an absence of schoolwork. But, is online ACT prep the answer? Let’s look at what you will gain from this experience and discover where you can find the best online ACT prep.

ACT Prep vs. the Classroom

First of all, no amount of test prep, online or otherwise, can compete with years of learning in the classroom. So, the years of schooling that you have already completed have given you a strong foundation. 

Everything you do beyond schoolwork will only maximize your chance of success. In other words, if you put in the time and effort to prepare for the ACT, the concepts you need to know from your years of education will be brought to the forefront of your mind. Also, you will learn test-taking strategies specific to the ACT. In the end, if you research how to study effectively, online ACT prep can be worth it.

ACT Concepts

In school, you’ve learned everything from the basics of Physics to the intricacies of art, but the ACT won’t test you on everything you know from class. However, the ACT will test you on:

  • English. This section will include questions about understanding a passage of text, your vocabulary knowledge, the use of sentence structure, sentence formation, punctuation, and standard English usage.
  • Math. The Math section will include Algebra, geometry and pre-calculus. Follow the link for a breakdown of each subject matter.
  • Reading. This section determines how well you understand key ideas and details within a passage, as well as the structure of the passage itself. There is also visual and quantitative information here, which might include interpreting a graphic along with some text.
  • Science. The science section covers a variety of concepts, from data representation to interpreting research summaries and understanding models. 

There is also an optional writing section that some schools and states still require. 

Using online test prep will help you remember these concepts as well as learn how the ACT will present problems to you. In this way, you can also learn test taking strategies through online ACT preparation.

Test Taking Strategies to Learn Through Online ACT Prep

Unlike typical school tests, there are certain strategies that can help you succeed on your ACT. 

For example, online ACT test prep can help you with your time management skills. You will only have a certain amount of time per section of the test, and a timer can help you practice. For instance, Piqosity’s timer actually allows you to set a timer at double, time and a half, and standard time.

Another great test-taking strategy for the ACT is to skip questions you aren’t sure of. Then, return to these problems after answering the questions you know. We have a “mark” button that will help you indicate these difficult questions, so that you can practice this tactic on your own. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg of ACT test strategies. Learn more about how to study for the ACT effectively with Piqosity.

What is the Best Online ACT Prep?

Piqosity offers up to 20 full-length ACT practice tests with answers and explanations, depending on the package you choose. No matter what package you’re working with, you will still be able to take advantage of:

  • A mini diagnostic test
  • Tutorial lessons with videos
  • Adaptive practice questions
  • Community created content
  • A strengths and weakness analysis
  • Score report 
  • Score prediction
  • Online practice test portal
  • Gamified practice
  • A Piqosity virtual tutor and the capability to work with a third party tutor if needed.

Our test prep packages will allow you to build your ACT taking skills. We offer no guarantee that this will improve your score, but statistics show that it can help. ACT conducted a study to test this, and found that students who used their online preparation system gained points in their score, but only to a certain point. That’s why it’s so important to watch out for unrealistic or unfounded claims made by other ACT prep courses.

Be Mindful of Other ACT Prep Courses

Some ACT prep programs make guarantees that cannot be upheld. Just because you purchase an online test prep program doesn’t mean you will have a higher ACT score. If you are considering such a course, remember: you will get back what you put into any test preparation you conduct. And, external factors (like test day jitters) can all impact your overall score. No purchase, no matter the price, guarantees a higher score.

Test Prep Investment: Is it Worth the Cost?

This brings up another point. Some ACT online prep courses are expensive. Is it worth the investment if an improved score is not a guarantee? If you plan to make the commitment to studying for the ACT, the cost can be worth it. But, make sure such a package is within your budget. 

At Piqosity, we offer 4 bundles at varying costs, so that any student may access our materials. The first is completely free and doesn’t even require a credit card. The second is $89, and gets you access to 5 full-length ACT tests, as well as a parent-tutor consultation. For $149, you unlock an additional 5 ACT practice tests in addition to the consultation. Our most comprehensive package costs $289, but gets you access to 20 full length practice tests, the parent-tutor consultation, a private student tutorial, and access to other test preparation materials. This includes:

In summary, with Piqosity, you have the freedom to choose the package that will work best for you. So, choose what level of preparation you can commit to, and start preparing with Piqosity today.

Find the Best Online ACT Prep HERE

So, is ACT prep online worth it? We think it is, especially if you allow yourself plenty of time to study by starting your test prep months in advance. Piqosity’s ACT test prep allows you to spend time learning both concepts and useful ACT test-taking strategies. If you already took the test, you may be thinking, can you retake the ACT? And, you might wonder about how to improve your ACT score. Piqosity might be able to help. 

Joining Piqosity is FREE (no credit card information required, no sneaky fine-print trials). Start off with our mini diagnostic test to get a baseline score, and set realistic goals for your ACT success. Then, figure out a plan for exactly how you’d like to study. We’ll be with you every step of the way, so don’t wait, begin your test preparation journey with Piqosity today.

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