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Sara holds a BA in English and Linguistics from The University of Texas at Austin. A native Houstonian, she began writing for Piqosity in 2021.

Sci-Fi and Nonfiction Books to Inspire STEM Students to Read

Just as there are students that struggle with math but devour books, there are those that naturally grasp STEM skills more easily than reading and writing skills. Every student is allowed their own academic preferences, of course, but it’s vital to develop well-rounded academic capabilities for each of them.  Proficiency in science or math [...]

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The Top Louisiana High Schools by ACT Scores in 2023

Students from the Haynes Academy School for Advanced Studies in Metairie had the highest average composite ACT score in Louisiana's Class of 2022 with an average of 29.6 out of 36, putting them in the nation's 92nd-percentile rank. The Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts and Patrick F. Taylor Science & Technology Academy [...]

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Top North Carolina High Schools by ACT Scores 2023

In the 2023 graduating class, 97,770 North Carolina students took the ACT. The Early College at Guilford had the highest average composite ACT score of 31.4, putting it in the 95th percentile rank of the nation's ACT scores. Additionally, Wake STEM Early College High School, Nesbitt Discovery Academy, and Raleigh Charter High School all [...]

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How to Use ESSER or EANS Funds to Procure Piqosity

Nearly $200 billion in federal, pandemic relief through ESSER (public schools) and EANS (independent schools) can completely offset the purchase of learning loss measurement and mitigation software like Piqosity. Learning loss is such a serious concern that federal law even stipulates that a minimum of 20% of available funds must be used by schools to [...]

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Top Mississippi High Schools by ACT Scores 2023

The best Mississippi public high schools by ACT scores are the two residential programs Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science and the Mississippi School of the Arts, plus Madison Central High School in central Mississippi. Other top schools include Oxford High School and Lewisburg Highs School in the suburbs of Memphis and gulf schools [...]

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Masterfully Written Poems to Teach Figurative Language

Happy April! In celebration of National Poetry Month, last year we tweeted memorable poems twice a week; for 2023, we’ve developed this guide of famous, influential, short, and long poems to teach figurative language. Poetry is all about figurative and hidden meanings, so they’re a great way to familiarize oneself with abstract language. Understanding [...]

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Easter Activities for the Classroom

We’ve curated several Easter activities for the classroom that celebrate the holiday while helping students build their reading, writing, and math skills! Celebrating holidays like Easter in the classroom connects students from different cultures and backgrounds. By incorporating the holiday into the school day through themed activities, such as the ones throughout this page, [...]

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Eight 5th Grade Level Books to Improve Vocabulary

The absolute best way to improve your vocabulary is to read more, so we’ve assembled this collection of eight 5th grade level books that can help you amplify your personal dictionary! Including the best classics for 5th graders and modern page-turners that will boost your ELA confidence in time for middle school, this list [...]

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Free Pi Day Activities for Your Classroom

March 14th (the date representation of the universally known 3.1415926…) is drawing near, so we’ve prepared several Pi Day activities for your classroom! While math can be a touchy subject among students, especially for middle and high schoolers, using holiday-themed activities to reinforce concepts being taught in the classroom is extremely effective in keeping [...]

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Understanding What Your Kids are Going Through: Child Psychology and Development

Gaining a familiarity with child psychology and development is immensely beneficial to any parent’s relationship with their child. Maintaining effective communication with their child is a common struggle for parents. The way adults tend to talk about their daily lives and the problems they’re dealing with doesn’t seem to translate well in a conversation [...]

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