nurture tree whiteAre you a teacher who has just been asked to lead your school’s ACT, SAT, or ISEE test prep course? Piqosity believes in you and is here to guide you through the course.

Piqosity Success Coaching (PSC) is a new service to better prepare middle and high school teachers to lead an in-class ISEE, ACT or SAT test prep course.

For the graduating class of 2022, the ACT or SAT was essentially required (more than 80% of graduating seniors took the test) to graduate in approximately 26 states. As such many public and private schools offer in-class preparation courses in order to help boost their graduates’ scores.

However many of the educators tasked with leading these classes find themselves with inadequate training and support to accomplish their lofty goals. Therefore the goal of PSC is to provide teachers with the confidence and tools they need to succeed when using Piqosity’s ACT,  SAT, or ISEE e-learning courses.

What is Piqosity Success Coaching

PSC is nearly everything that a test prep teacher needs to plan and execute their course including:

  1. Up to 4 hours of 1-to-1 pre-course coaching
  2. Up to 3 hours of quarterly 1-to-1 check-ins
  3. Access to Piqosity’s how-to guides and asset library:
    1. How To Teach a Standardized Test Prep Course
    2. Structuring Your Test Prep Course
    3. Tested Topics Priority Checklist
    4. What to Teach in the First 5 Classes
    5. Using Piqosity For Standardized Test Prep

Who is PSC For

We specifically designed PSC for any public or private high school teacher who has never taught a standardized test like the ACT or SAT.

We also offer coaching to private middle school teachers for ISEE prep courses for high school admissions.

When Do Teachers Participate

Ideally teachers will start with their PSC coach at least one month before the start of their in-class test prep course, and our one-to-one coaching continues for the duration of the course.

How Do Schools Purchase Coaching

Including services and tools valued at over $1,200, PSC is available with an organizational purchase of multiple student licenses for our ACT, SAT, or ISEE e-learning courses. Interested schools can contact us or schedule a demo for more information.

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